Vegas Jackpot Slot: Famous Winners & The Way To Catch The Luck

Any person, even a little related to gambling, always dreams of hitting the Vegas jackpot slot – the biggest of all winnings! But the larger the desired winning amount, the greater the risk. Sometimes the luck lies in wait for the players at the most unexpected moment. History knows many examples when big money brought both happiness to its owners and great misfortunes.

Vegas Jackpot Slot: The Real Stories Of Happy Gamblers

Some people spend years playing in casinos and are constantly left with nothing, while others go with $ 5 to a roadside cafe for a cup of coffee, and come out with a check for several million. Among the most popular jackpot slot winners Las Vegas are:

  • In March 2003, a programmer, who at that time was only 25 years old, spent less than $ 100 on the Megabucks slot machine and received almost $ 40 million. The jackpot was recognized as the largest in casino history;
  • Users can also set a record and win a large sum in Vegas jackpot slot in an online casino. John Heywood, a soldier of the British army, proved this by his example. In 2015, Mr. Heywood hit the jackpot in the online game Mega Moolah – £ 13,213,838.68;
  • At the end of September 2018, the largest jackpot in the history of online casino slot machines was drawn at Mega Moolah. The winner, whose name is still unknown, won € 18.910.668.01.

By the way, the progressive jackpot is a very convenient feature for a casino. The fact is that the winning fund for months, and sometimes for years, is formed by the players themselves.

Are There Any Strategies To Win Jackpots In Las Vegas Slots?

The most significant role in the game belongs to luck. It does not mean that nothing depends on the player. Experienced connoisseurs recommend using slot strategies that increase the chances of winning the largest Vegas jackpot slot. It is essential to follow these principles:

  • One game. The strategy assumes that the game is played once, and at the maximum bet. If players win, the session in the slot continues, and if they lose, they need to switch to another slot;
  • There is a higher chance of getting a fixed jackpot than a progressive one, so beginners should choose devices with a fixed payout;
  • Games with fixed jackpots will allow winning in the short term, because the smaller the amount, the easier it is to get it. In this case, players are to use more pay lines;
  • It is sometimes relevant to bet in the machines with the biggest Vegas jackpot slot. The higher it is, the more likely it is that no one has won it for a long time, which means that the chances increase;
  • The “Only Up” strategy assumes making low rates. In case of a failure in the first spin, they must be left at the same level, and after each success, the size of the bets must be doubled.

Before starting the game, be sure to study its rules. The owner of the jackpot slot Las Vegas can be someone who understands well which conditions will have to be met for this.

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